BarcelonaMilano offers different menus for groups of which, some are entirely for snacks and others with seconds to choose from.

Discover Antipasti and Our Unique Spaces

At BarcelonaMilano, you can enjoy a delicious antipasti, which you can serve yourself or ask the attentive wait staff. Our open kitchen, located in the middle of the restaurant, offers a visual experience that conveys confidence and quality, inviting you to be part of the culinary process.

The restaurant has carefully differentiated spaces in the same environment. From a practical and eye-catching entrance to an area with high tables and a bar, to a more classic and traditional space with low tables, each corner is designed to offer you a unique dining experience. Experience the perspective of our kitchen with the antipasti and enjoy the comfort of the high tables.

Enoteca and Variety in BarcelonaMilano

BarcelonaMilano is not only a restaurant, but also an outstanding wine shop with more than 400 wine references from all over the world. Our selection includes a wide range of wines by the glass, cavas and champagnes, perfect to accompany your meal or simply enjoy a good conversation.

Each space in the restaurant is designed to offer you a complete experience. Whether in the entrance, the high table area with bar, or the more classic and traditional space, you will feel in a cozy and elegant atmosphere. Come and discover how we combine gastronomy and enology to give you unforgettable moments in BarcelonaMilano.

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